Best Season & Best time to visit

Plan your trip during best season to experience the best of this stunning destination.

Mysuru is known for its regal beauty and is dotted with amazing palaces and gardens.  If you are planning to visit Mysuru then truly speaking Mysuru acquits a pleasant climate throughout the year. Still if you inquire the best time to visit Mysuru the answer is no doubt “Anytime!”

Take a tour to Mysuru in between the months of September to March, as the weather is pleasant and blessed with cool breezes, making it the best time to visit Mysuru. With a drop in temperature, the region also experiences occasional showers offering vibrant and beautiful views.

This is also the best time to attend the 10-day Dussehra celebration held in late September or October. Overall, October through March is a good time to plan a trip to Mysuru. However, weather in Mysuru is usually temperate and the city doesn’t experience high temperatures in the summer season as well. However, temperature during the monsoon season drops a bit and there is a rise in humidity level. Thus, it can be said that the best time to visit Mysuru depends on several factors including attractions, activities, weather conditions, and interests of travelers.

Mysuru Travel Experience by Season