By Road

The city of Mysore is around 143 kms away from Bengaluru. Known for the gorgeous Mysore Palace and a number of other such treasures, the city sees numerous tourists come from all over the country. How to reach Mysore is a question that occurs to anyone who is planning this trip. The city is after all much smaller than its more glamourous cousin Bengaluru. Here are a few ways in which you can reach Mysore. For those wondering how to reach Mysore, this is the best way to go about it. The Mysore Road, SH 17 goes all the way till Mysore from Bengaluru. It crosses Kengeri, Ramnagaram and Mandya. The other route from Bengaluru is on the Kanakpura Road, which is NH 209, via Kanakpura, Mavalli and Bannur. If you are driving down, the scenery is great and a road trip to Mysore is one of the best ways to reach the city.

By Train

The railway station is close to the city centre and Mysore is very well-connected to other cities by train. There are many express trains from Bengaluru that reach Mysore in 3 hours. In turn, Bengaluru is well-connected to other cities in India by train. Some of the trains that travel from Bengaluru to Mysore are Tippu Express and Chamundi Express to name a few.

By Air

If you’re wondering how to reach Mysore by flight, then you will have to travel to Bengaluru first. Bengaluru International Airport is well-connected to all the cities in India and even various other countries. Although Mysore does have an airport, it only operates certain flights to Chennai. Thus, if you’re thinking how to reach Mysore by air directly, you can do so from Chennai. If you are planning to travel to Mysore, do make a point to visit the Booking website for offers and deals on Mysore tour packages and other Karnataka tour packages .